The Rickhouse, Durham | Industrial Wedding Venue | Winter Wedding

Ya’ll, this blog post is jam-PACKED with some good, wholesome content. You ready? *to the tune of “bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child* ‘Cause I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! Allison and Keenan’s wedding was one to remember, Keenan’s family are all musicians so it was a night full of live music and swing dancing!

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Why not just have your (insert family member with DSLR here) take the photos for your wedding instead of spending so much?

I hear this question a lot, and don’t get me wrong I get why people wouldn’t want to spend as much money as wedding photographers charge. Often times, even over $1000 is an overwhelming amount of money to see drained out of your wedding budget. I understand how much stress goes into not only consider the cost of your venue but to also then have to consider the costs of feeding your guests, having seats for them, even the costs of the favors you’ll hand out to your guests at the end of the night. It adds up, FAST! Put the word, “wedding” in front of just about anything and suddenly the price skyrockets. So, wedding photography might not be on your list of priorities or maybe just really low on your list of priorities. That’s fine, but be aware that that may be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll make for your wedding.

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Warm fall wedding | Hope Valley Country Club, Raleigh NC Wedding | Deep Red + Light pink Color Scheme

…Brittany (the bride) wore a beautiful lace sweetheart ball gown with a train. She dressed her bridesmaids in light pink convertible a-line dresses which contrasted beautifully with the hints of deep red Jaalhil (the groom) and his groomsmen had used to accent their suits. I loved Jaalhil’s polka-dot bow-tie specifically!
From an emotional first look to a beautiful candle-lit ceremony their wedding was everything you expect fall to be like, warm, welcoming, joyful with plenty of friends and family around. So without any further introduction, Brittany + Jaalhil’s wedding!

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Lofts at Union Square Wedding | Greensboro, NC | Jasmine+ David

Jasmine and David were a really laid back couple the entire day (even through some of the more stressful bits of any wedding) but that didn’t mean that they weren’t fully ready to party. There was DEFINITELY partying and lots of it. The dancing was so much fun to watch and honestly made me want to dance even though I am a solid 10 on the cringey dance scale.

Everything about this wedding was big and beautiful, from the flower archway, to the overflowing centerpieces, right down to the Krispy Kreme Donuts + Cheerwine they had as favors for their guests.

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