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The Rickhouse, Durham | Industrial Wedding Venue | Winter Wedding

Ya’ll, this blog post is jam-PACKED with some good, wholesome content. You ready? *to the tune of “bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child* ‘Cause I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly! Allison and Keenan’s wedding was one to remember, Keenan’s family are all musicians so it was a night full of live music and swing dancing!

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Lofts at Union Square Wedding | Greensboro, NC | Jasmine+ David

Jasmine and David were a really laid back couple the entire day (even through some of the more stressful bits of any wedding) but that didn’t mean that they weren’t fully ready to party. There was DEFINITELY partying and lots of it. The dancing was so much fun to watch and honestly made me want to dance even though I am a solid 10 on the cringey dance scale.

Everything about this wedding was big and beautiful, from the flower archway, to the overflowing centerpieces, right down to the Krispy Kreme Donuts + Cheerwine they had as favors for their guests.

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simplistic Backyard Wedding| Salt Lake City, Ut

This wedding has such a special place in my heart. Meet Sydney + Conner Sanders (Sydney used to be an Olivieri ;). Sydney is my best friend of almost a decade, it'll be exactly a decade next year. We met because I drank out of her cup at girls camp, it's a cute, funny story that I'm going to keep to myself because it's special but just know that that one mistaken moment led to ten years of a best friend and I couldn't be more grateful for my mistaken drink out of her cup. That led me to taking a trip to a local theme park with her family and from that day forward, my family and the Olivieri's were forever intertwined.

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