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Salt Lake City, Utah LGBT+ Styled Wedding Shoot w/Inclusive Vendor List

 I planned this shoot to be inclusive of the community and show representation where there is very little in my home state. I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah, it is very well known that Utah is a red state and is heavily populated by a religion that doesn’t always include those within the community. Every time you go to a local bridal magazine or blog here there’s hardly any representation of people of color, much less the LGBTQ+ community.  As someone with immense privilege, white, cis gendered, & straight passing I recognized how easy it is to find people who look like me in these blogs but I also recognize the huge disparity there is when couples in the community or couples who are of color come to only find the blonde haired, blue eyed, straight couples represented and no one else here. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” kept repeating in my head as I prepared to move back to a place that isn’t always considerate of those in marginalized communities. So I planned this shoot. I reached out to a couple who I thought would be the perfect match and low and behold they said yes!!! I was so ecstatic to work with Ray and Ky as they fit this theme perfect. After meeting with them for this shoot we became friends and even attended SLC’s 2019 Pride Parade together! Love them so much but let’s continue with our story.

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