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Greenhouse Engagements at Liberty Park, Salt Lake City, UT

Zac and Kelly were so much fun to work with! I met Kelly during high school. We were both in Peer Leadership Team together which was basically a “club” that did a lot of service projects and service in general. We had to have about 40 hours of service every quarter on top of mandatory service projects, if that gives you any idea of what we did! Back to Zac and Kelly. These two won a giveaway of mine and it was such a joy to reconnect with Kelly and get to meet her new fiancé! We had so much fun at Liberty Park. There were so many great backgrounds around the Greenhouse. Plus Liberty Park was holding an event with fun rides and such so we got to have a ferris wheel in some of the backgrounds in these photos. I think it really added to the fun nature of these two! Check out their lovely session below :).

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