Sarah + Ben's Wedding

Sarah and Ben had a beautiful wedding on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Everyone was so worried it would rain all through their ceremony and we would have to move indoors which was not ideal, but Ben kept saying, “it’s not gonna rain. It’s gonna be beautiful today.” And it was! He was totally right. We got rained on a little between the ceremony and reception but it was such a beautiful day and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it!

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How to Include Disney Themes in Your Wedding in a Subtle Way

I planned my wedding a little too far in advance 😬. What I mean by that is, I already knew exactly the theme that I wanted for years prior. It was a Tangled/Rapunzel themed wedding-I was in love with the movie for so long. Still love it! What I got concerned about while planning was that this theme would not be entirely possible without making it looked extremely cheesy. I didn't want it to look like a kids birthday party, it was my wedding! I wanted it to look classy but still have an overall clear theme to my guests. I wondered how I would pull this off for a while until I found “Disney Bounding”.

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Uinta Mountain Engagement Session | Provo Falls Photography

I’ve known Jessica and Devan since I was about 15 years old (ahhh! Almost 10 years now!!!). We slowly became friends over time through a mutual connection from working at the Utah Olympic Oval, an ice skating rink we all frequented. Jessica has been a close friend of mine for years so I was so excited to hear when these two were finally planning to get engaged! They’re great as a couple and as my friends and Oval family I’m so stoked for them to get married.

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Marina Brearton