so…how does this work?

  1. Contacting me: Once you’ve contacted me I’ll be sure to get back to you within 24 hrs, whether that be through email, text, or social media I’ll be sure to respond!

  2. Hashing out the details: Give me all the deets! We’re going to discuss everything from dates all the way down to the style and feel you want for your wedding/session.

  3. Contract: After we’ve gotten all the details squared away, I’ll send you a contract confirming any and all important details (dates, locations, etc.), plus what to expectations we should all have of each other! A contract is just a formal agreement, nothing too scary ;)

  4. ABC-Always Be Clickin’: This is the fun part! You show up to our agreed location and we get to hang out, laugh, and get some amazing photos that not only you can post on your Instagram, but ones your grandma will hang in her living room.

  5. The wait: Remember how the step before this was the fun part? Well, this is the worst part-waiting on your beautiful images! But don’t worry, it should only take 2-3 weeks to get your photos back. That’s right! Only 2-3 weeks and you’ll be on your way to hanging up beautiful wedding photos all around your house.

  6. Delivery: Once your photos have been perfected to my standards, I’ll send you your photos plus a delivery form stating that you’ve properly received your photos and that you love them :)

  7. Print release: After you’ve signed your delivery form and sent it my way, I’ll be sending you your print release which allows you to print wherever you’d like! I know I like having lots of options to pick for printing so I always include a print release for my clients.


you’re done!