Backyard Wedding in Salt Lake City Utah. Photo taken by Marina Rey Photography-9968.jpg

so…how does this work?

  1. Contacting me: Once you’ve contacted me I’ll get back to you within 1-2 hrs, doesn’t matter how you’ve reached out (instagram, email, etc.) I’ll make sure to respond to you quickly.

  2. Hashing out the details: We’re going to talk about your date and making sure I’m available for it, we’ll discuss what you’re imagining for your photos and figure out how much coverage you’ll want, and hash out any other details that are important.

  3. Proposal: After we’ve gotten all the details squared figured out, I’ll send you a proposal confirming any important details (dates, locations, etc.) we’ve talked about.

  4. Deposit: Once you’ve agreed to the proposal and we’ve addressed all of the questions you have, we’ll move onto the deposit. The deposit is 50% of your package price, which is just to confirm the day you want to book me.

  5. ABC-Always Be Clickin’: We’ll get together and I’m gonna your photos. We’ll have fun, laugh a lot, and both feel a little awkward because I’m awkward af, and most people feel a little weird when a camera is pointed at their face 😂.

  6. The wait: I know waiting sucks so I like to make sure you’re not waiting for too long. I like to get my photos out to you between 2 weeks to a month from your session/wedding day.

  7. Delivery: When I feel like I’ve made your photos perfect, I’ll send you your gallery + a delivery form to sign that says you’ve received your images and love them 😊.

  8. Print release: After you’ve signed the delivery form and sent it my way, I’ll send you your print release which allows you to print wherever you’d like!


you’re done!

...I had no idea what I wanted in these pictures but she was so fast to give me suggestions and even though our first location fell through she was fast to resolve the issue and the pictures turned out great!
— Kelly