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From Marina’s Best friend of 11 years

Marina is amazing! Her candid photos are my absolute favorite. I have photos from my wedding that still make me tear up. She was capable of rounding up my huge Hispanic family & organizing them for family photos with her loud ass voice which definitely earns her brownie points. She is also great at making you feel comfortable during photos. Marina knows how to pose people alone, couples, and groups in a way that doesn’t make them look like horrible mid-2000’s mall portraits. I would definitely recommend her for any photos you would want but especially weddings where her creative side can really shine!
— Sydney Sanders

my goals

I have 4 goals for every customer’s experience with me:


I want your photos be like looking in a mirror (but obviously retouched a little because it’s your special day and details matter ;). Recognizing yourself and your love in my photos is one of my number one goals! I hope you’ll feel represented when you look at them.

Love + Care

As my client I want you to feel love and care. That means feeling heard, seen, and like everything is done with you in mind.

Best of the Best

I only want the best of the best for you! That goes from changing poses if they don’t look right to me all the way to culling photos so you only get photos that you will love and be able to use easily (i.e. printing, sharing online, etc.). Only the best!


Last but not least, I want you to have a memorable experience with me! I want you to have fun, feel the love between you, and laugh a whole lot. I love laughing 😊.

Amazingly talented photographer!!!
Marina was a dream to work with, on top of saving the day. We had hired another photographer and 3 weeks before our vow renewal we had to let her go due to lack of professionalism. I called Marina to to see if she was available for our date and if she would be willing to travel all the way to Wilmington/Carolina Beach area, and she said yes. On the day of the renewal she was on time and looked very professional. She was sweet and respectful and was willing to take the specific photos we wanted on top of the normal photos. I also received many compliments from my guests about her. The photos themselves turned out beautiful. She captured the magic and happiness of the day. When I received our photos I cried at how perfect they were. I strongly recommend her from any special event.
— Deanne

more about me

I love color and colorful photos! I don’t like shying away from color or muting it in any way. I probably like color so much because I love Disney and went to Disneyland often as a kid. I am also a huge fan of animation in general. Every show I am a huge fan of is colorful, think Howl’s Moving Castle, Avatar the Last Airbender,
Bob’s Burgers, etc!

Music influences me a lot but as a person who’s extremely visual, music videos have always had my whole heart. Combining my love of music with a visual concept is everything to me-especially when it’s done right. My love for music videos also increased my obsession with directors (check out anything by Daniel Cloud Campos). I’ve always dreamed of becoming a director because I love directing people and overall visuals. I understand and have such an appreciation for details like lighting, composition, and subtleties in visuals. This shows through my work often, especially since I’m already detail oriented 😂.

Some other things I’m inspired by/love are: my SO (because he made me love love more than I ever thought possible 😊), anything and everything drag, Christine and The Queens (my favorite artist), Audrey Hepburn, and figure skating which I did for 9 years of my life!

I love every shoot that we have with Marina. (And there have been a few!) It’s amazing how passionate and knowledgeable she is about her work. I never feel like she is rushed to finish our shoot within a time slot, rather, she takes her time and puts great care into capturing her subjects in an authentic, beautiful way. We have so much fun and the pictures that come out of each shoot are gorgeous! We just had a shoot a few days ago, and I’m already looking to plan the next. Don’t miss out on having your special moments captured by Marina Rey Photography!
— JoAnna