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Colorful, unique photos for equally colorful, unique people.

Serving SLC, Utah + Beyond



So basically…

Everyone wants photos totally specialized to them and their unique relationship, yet when you go to a photographer’s instagram feed all too often you see couples + weddings that all kind of look…the same. There are too many people in the world to only post couples that fit “the norm”, which is why I don’t have a curated feed-I love serving all couples regardless of race, size, gender, or sexuality. I’m proud to include everyone in my portfolio.

I want to make your wedding day experience easier! I am more than happy to take the time out to explain anything that you may have questions about, or even give you advice on things. I like to be someone you know you can go to that has experience with weddings and is more than happy to help by giving an experienced view point. I’ll also be totally honest with you when I don’t think something is going to work or look good-always having a suggestion to make it better or change it so you love it!
I love coordinating with my couples on all aspects of their session/wedding (i.e. understanding how lighting/time of day will affect photos, location, + any details-first looks, letters, a dog, favorite coffee) in order to get the exact look + feel you want for your engagement/wedding photos.
As a photographer, your image is literally everything to me (😂) so I’m going to do everything I can to help you gather all the details you want on such an important day in your life!

...I had no idea what I wanted in these pictures but [she was] so fast to give me suggestions and even though our first location fell through [she was] fast to resolve the issue and the pictures turned out great!
— Kelly
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Marina rey -

Your photographer

Vibrant, representative photography for couples in love

I know you’re not a professional model and you probably don’t want to be, so I direct people into natural actions while also correcting anything that may look out of place or weird. I like my sessions to be fun, relaxed, and true to the people I’m working with. It makes me so happy that my photos serve my couples needs and makes them feel good about themselves. Photos should be a form of self care and should make you feel confident about who you are. Everyone deserves professional photos that truly represent them. Not just those who fit the “norm” (whatever the hell that is!). I love taking photos of everyone, no matter who you are.

People are different which is exactly what makes them interesting to capture for me.

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Here’s some useless facts about me 😂 Enjoy!

  • I love beagles and dogs in general! Literally every dog is a puppy to me and you’ll probably see me either trying to pet a dog if there’s one in sight, or wave at them because I’m that person 😂.

  • I love finding new music and I love anything with an amazing bass line. My favorite artist is Christine and the Queens and I really want their lyrics tattooed on me one day ❤️.

  • I have an obsession with anything drag. I love drag race but I LIVE for dragula, which was surprising for me as I’m not one for horror but as soon as I saw it I loved it. The Boulet Brothers are goals.

Amazingly talented photographer!!!
Marina was a dream to work with, on top of saving the day. We had hired another photographer and 3 weeks before our vow renewal we had to let her go due to lack of professionalism. I called Marina to to see if she was available for our date and if she would be willing to travel all the way to Wilmington/Carolina Beach area, and she said yes. On the day of the renewal she was on time and looked very professional. She was sweet and respectful and was willing to take the specific photos we wanted on top of the normal photos. I also received many compliments from my guests about her. The photos themselves turned out beautiful. She captured the magic and happiness of the day. When I received our photos I cried at how perfect they were. I strongly recommend her from any special event.
— Deanne
I love every shoot that we have with Marina. (And there have been a few!) It’s amazing how passionate and knowledgeable she is about her work. I never feel like she is rushed to finish our shoot within a time slot, rather, she takes her time and puts great care into capturing her subjects in an authentic, beautiful way. We have so much fun and the pictures that come out of each shoot are gorgeous! We just had a shoot a few days ago, and I’m already looking to plan the next. Don’t miss out on having your special moments captured by Marina Rey Photography!
— JoAnna
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All wedding packages/sessions come with;

-Day of Wedding Coverage/Session Coverage

-Digital Copies of High Res, Edited JPG Images

-Generic Print Release

-Couples/Engagement Sessions Starting at: 250 (1hr)

-Local wedding Coverage starting at: 1255

-All inclusive (engagements + formals) packages starting at: 2545

-Out of state wedding coverage starting at: 2035

All packages are flexible + customizable! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a unique situation that I could potentially work out a solution for!


  • How far in advance should we book?

    I suggest couples book about six months to a year in advance. If you are already past that mark, feel free to contact me anyways just in case I have your date available! Sometimes a few months in advance can be far enough. Dates do fill up quickly during wedding season (late April- mid October) so if you’ve set a date during a popular time of year, make sure you are prepared to book ASAP as those times go the fastest!

  • When should we book our engagement session?

    Engagement sessions are generally taken 2-3 months before your wedding date. That gives me plenty of time to edit your photos, send them to you, and for you to get them on an invitation you like to send out to everyone you love :).

  • How much coverage do you suggest?

    This is a tough question to answer without having context! Everyone has their own special situation and needs for their wedding, but generally speaking if you’re just wanting simple coverage of the ceremony + reception, I suggest a minimum of four hours. If you’re wanting something more detail oriented (getting ready photos, first look, ceremony, etc) I suggest at the very least, six hours of wedding coverage. I do customize packages and can be flexible depending on what you got going on ;).

  • How does this work? What does hiring you look like?

    Great question! I actually have an entire page dedicated to this here!

questions? concerns?

I felt very confident in [her] abilities before [she] arrived but [she] clearly portrayed confidence from the very beginning of the shoot and it made me feel even better. I loved how respectful [she was]...I felt like [she] clearly read how I was feeling and made me feel confident I could express to [her] if I was uncomfortable. I also love that it never felt that way, [she] came so prepared... I knew [she] would get great shots and I loved how they looked when everything was done! Everything went really well. [She was] so friendly and so sweet with everyone! [She] asked me several times if I had any ideas on what shots I wanted and I definitely had no idea how to respond, but this would be super helpful for the average person who does any kind of planning for this sort of thing...It was a great experience for us and we were so happy with the photos!
— Bridget
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so…how does this work?

  1. Contacting me: Once you’ve contacted me I’ll get back to you within 1-2 hrs, doesn’t matter how you’ve reached out (instagram, email, etc.) I’ll make sure to respond to you quickly.

  2. Hashing out the details: We’re going to talk about your date and making sure I’m available for it, we’ll discuss what you’re imagining for your photos and figure out how much coverage you’ll want, and hash out any other details that are important.

  3. Proposal: After we’ve gotten all the details squared figured out, I’ll send you a proposal confirming any important details (dates, locations, etc.) we’ve talked about.

  4. Deposit: Once you’ve agreed to the proposal and we’ve addressed all of the questions you have, we’ll move onto the deposit. The deposit is 50% of your package price, which is just to confirm the day you want to book me.

  5. ABC-Always Be Clickin’: We’ll get together and I’m gonna your photos. We’ll have fun, laugh a lot, and both feel a little awkward because I’m awkward af, and most people feel a little weird when a camera is pointed at their face 😂.

  6. The wait: I know waiting sucks so I like to make sure you’re not waiting for too long. I like to get my photos out to you between 2 weeks to a month from your session/wedding day.

  7. Delivery: When I feel like I’ve made your photos perfect, I’ll send you your gallery + a delivery form to sign that says you’ve received your images and love them 😊.

  8. Print release: After you’ve signed the delivery form and sent it my way, I’ll send you your print release which allows you to print wherever you’d like!


you’re done!

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Make your wedding photography experience one to remember! Whether it's a backyard intimate wedding, an industrial elopement, or a grand wedding with all your friends and family, make it all absolutely yours.

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